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Memorial Park Master Plan Construction Has Begun

Published on 8/28/2015

No one talked about how many millions of dollars are being spent this year, but an ambitious plan was detailed:

* Installation of a water main around the perimeter of the Park, north of Memorial, has begun with surveying the location of a new water  pipeline.  It will be used for irrigation and firefighting. New fire hydrants will be installed on the west side of Crestwood.

*  Understory clearing and removal of invasive plants will continue west of Crestwood.  This will make way for replanting  native plants.  The fire break along Crestwood that was established after the drought in 2011 will be maintained.  

* Traffic studies of both Camp Logan and Crestwood neighborhoods are planned.  These  will determine the  impact the proposed Master Plan  on access in/out of the neighborhoods.  

*Relocation of the East Loop will begin; this road will be  moved closer to Crestwood street. Once the vegetation is removed,  work will begin on  plotting  the location of the road.  This will be followed by clearing trees from the right of way.  Then the roadwork will begin. 

*Bicycle and pedestrian pathways are being considered on a portion of Blossom.  It is anticipated that   Blossom will become a single lane, one-way street.